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Appearance performance artificial turf
Sep 01, 2016

High-tech materials in sports use, is the rapid development of sports needs, and the development of sports, in turn, forced the people to seriously explore the use of new materials, high-tech research and development of the relationship between materials and the development of sport, and thus more further improve the high-tech materials in sports using sports role and improve the ability of workers to use new materials. We are convinced that with the gradual development and maturity, sports materials research and development of sports materials science will play their increasingly important role.

Artificial turf technology has been in a leading position, in some ways even more than the international level of the same products, but we also see that our artificial turf industry as a whole still lags behind other developed countries, as the first domestic sports development of new materials base, we have the responsibility and obligation to promote the sustainable development of the Chinese industry.

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