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AVG:How to keep our product cost-effective?
Mar 09, 2017


One of the Largest Factory in China, reduce cost by Mass production

As a leader of healthy artificial grass, AVG is the famous artificial grass manufacturer in China. Thanks to strong domestic sales, as well as the growing international market share, we maximize production, saving production costs for customers.

Integration and optimization of industrial chain, reduce every penny at supply chain.

As a pioneer in artificial grass, we have over 30 years of industry experience, AVG has the independent research and development, extrusion, twisting, tufting, coating ability and strictly controls the production costs on every step, saving every penny for customers.

30 sets pioneer automatic production lines, high production efficiency and high quality 

Why AVG uses the latest and most advanced automatic production lines? Because it can maintain optimal production efficiency, reduce waste, keep the product quality stable. More conducive to long-term cooperation with customers.

Produce on demand, Deliver on time. Reduce logistics & storage costs for customers

AVGrass, Same Quality, More Favorable Price; Same Price, Better Quality!

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