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Different forms of the use of artificial turf
Sep 01, 2016

Artificial turf actually belongs to a ground system, the main component can be divided in many ways, according to this point of the artificial turf classification, if classified according to the composition of the structure of words, which can be divided into natural artificial artificial turf mixed grass turf, artificial turf artificial turf without filling sand and filler particles and the like.

If the material is classified in accordance with the words, there are polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon, and therefore the price of artificial turf will be affected to some degree, then the artificial turf to distinguish in the material is very important.

In fact, not sand filled artificial turf is still relatively rare in the country, due to its construction technology, are directly imported from abroad, and domestic real grasp of such skilled personnel is not much, because the addition of artificial turf without filling sand basically nylon material, and this type of lawn on the cost is relatively expensive, so there are a lot of customers are reluctant to accept.

But the natural turf and artificial turf fusion, in fact, is no longer just a dream, but now such hybrid lawn appears on the market, these are natural grass lawn, and use them according to the plastic reinforcement, for example, the use of plastic mesh bottom let the grass grown, the use of such manner, the characteristics of natural turf, as well as superior durability and so good combination.

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