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Easy DIY Guide for Artificial Turf Terrace
Jan 16, 2017

1. Measure the size of the laying area and get datas including length and width, to know the total square meter of needed artificial turf.

2. After receiving the artificial turf roll, remove the package material, and move the artificial lawn to laying area where is cleaned up already.

3. Prepared your knife, ruler, scissor and joint tapes in advanced, cut the synthetic grass according to the laying size and connect rolls together if necessary, making sure that grass fall to the same direction. And leaving artificial turf edge a little of space will make seaming area less obvious.

4. Put the joint tape under between two rolls of artificial turf, and stick the turf to the joint tape, after that don't forget to press the seaming area to be tight enough.

5. Then installation is completed. Enjoy your green new terrace!

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