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High Elastic Shockpad Layer
Feb 20, 2017

High elastic shockpad layers are installed under the installation of artificial grass on sports pitches. A high elastic shockpad is a resilient layer between the sub base construction and the sports synthetic surface. The high elastic shockpad layer is used to provide a degree of comfort to players and cushioning the impact on joints / muscles. As well as the players benefits then it also generally improves the playing characteristics for the sports and prolongs the life of the artificial turf sports pitch. There are two types of elastic shockpads typically installed beneath sports synthetic surfacing, which are either a insitu rubber shockpad or prefabricated shockpad. Both of these elastic shockpads can be installed onto a dynamic sub base or engineered sub base.

AVG SEPP High elastic shockpad is a new and high-performance material, flexible and lightweight. An environmentally-friendly product, it can be recycled easily, and is non-toxic.It is a remarkably durable and resilient material.  There is no comparison however, when it comes to structural strength.  This kind of SEPP High elastic shockpad was originally designed for use in the automotive industry.  AVGrass cooperate with USA expert to research the material and design it as Shock Pad of sport system, aim to supply players professional football fields.

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