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Life is the most common use of artificial turf
Sep 01, 2016

Artificial turf unknowingly has gradually infiltrated into our lives, you will find many places to use artificial turf, and its applications are very broad, the following small series together and understand, the main artificial turf of our daily lives which use.

First, to watch the use of artificial turf, the normal choice of color is green, and the colors are also more uniform, thin leaves are more symmetrical.

Second, the rest to use artificial turf, mainly to supply open-plan lounge, a walk and games on some outdoor sports, usually the choice of toughness is relatively large, relatively thin blade, and very resistant to artificial turf stampede.

Third, the movement to use artificial turf, the artificial turf is relatively diverse in species, are in the normal reticular structure-based, and contains a filler, but also very resistant to trampling, the most important is still It has a certain cushioning protection performance. Although there is no kind of artificial turf made of natural grass oxygen function, still have a certain effect of the solid earth and sand and artificial turf on the protective effect of the fall, a lot stronger than natural grass, will not be affected in any weather , using a relatively long life, therefore, be a lot of use in the football stadium and other sports-related locations.

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