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Maintenance Technology artificial turf sports
Sep 01, 2016

At present, China artificial turf sports (such as soccer fields, tennis courts are, etc.) in the major colleges and universities and community accounted for a larger proportion of the pitch, accurately and appropriately to maintain and conserve the use of artificial turf will extend the life of artificial turf and beautiful degree, the following five artificial turf on conservation measures for your supply.

1, lawn use guide: 9mm long wear spikes to stop running on the lawn; stop any motor vehicle traveling on the lawn; curb weight long-term pressure on the lawn; suppression of shot put, javelin, discus or other high drop motion carried out on the lawn.

2, tangles and mossy lawn: Lawn small range of available sprawl special anti-tangle agent and reason (such as a road-clearing agent chlorine or pod), just the right concentration, the lawn will not be affected. Such anti-tangle agent is capable of clearing the lawn tangles, followed with a hard broom to sweep out. If serious tangles, lawns need to do the whole disposal and cleaning.

3, lawn foreign objects: leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum and so will form a tangled, mottled and stains, especially before exercise, first check whether there are similar foreign matter inside, as far as possible to prevent damage to and maintenance of artificial turf sports persons Safety.

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