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The use of artificial turf in the glue optional standard
Sep 01, 2016

Glue artificial turf is mainly in the construction segment, the lawn for bonding and connecting seam cloth, and the lawn may have been chunked sticking together directly, and we in the selection of artificial turf glue, the most should pay attention to feature is environmentally friendly, not contain toxic or heavy metals and chemicals such as formaldehyde, in addition to the content, the choice of artificial turf glue should also meet the following requirements:

First, the first waterproof: Because most of the artificial turf is used directly in the outdoors, so often encounter rain, snow and extreme weather, the artificial turf glue must be waterproof performance;

Second, followed by cold and high temperature: Due north in winter, the lowest temperature can reach leading three forty degrees, while in the South the highest summer temperatures can reach forty degrees Celsius, if the surface temperature is then estimated to be far more than so high;

Third, and finally better viscosity, and remains relatively long time: for sticky glue, is the core technology indicators, because artificial turf in life using 6--10 years, then the use of glue in the corresponding validity period It must be beyond this time period.

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