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The use of various forms of artificial turf
Sep 01, 2016

Not filling sand artificial turf actually not common in the country, mainly due to its construction and technology, are directly handed over from abroad, but also real people can master this technology is also rare, the other is not sufficient artificial turf sand are basically nylon material which is more expensive in cost, for many domestic customers who are unable to accept. The natural grass and artificial turf binding, no longer just a dream, the current market has a lot of lawn resembling this mix, this lawn grass is natural, the use of plastic grass root structure will be reinforced, for example oxalyl placed into the bottom of the plastic, the mesh was gradually growing. in this manner, the artificial turf can durability combined with each other. The artificial turf is filled particles are relatively common in the country, and the utilization rate is also very high in performance sport has good usability, but also by the vast number of consumers favor.

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