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Three different types of artificial turf football field
Sep 01, 2016

A single filament reinforced artificial turf: mainly in monofilament artificial turf basis, adding an additional step, every blade of grass in the middle of the wire has raised ribs, so whether it is in an elastic wire grass on or in the wear performance have been greatly improved, and practical applications are more favorable, the corresponding price will be raised a number.

Second, the mesh of artificial turf: artificial turf on the football field three simulation is relatively high, artificial turf grass mesh relatively coarse fibers to be more and more common plastic tied belay is similar to the cross-section when opened, will see similar nets like mesh, referred to as mesh, mesh of artificial turf than on price promotions monofilament artificial turf.

Third, the monofilament artificial turf: artificial turf and how it compared to mesh, then it is more fine on the grass fibers and denser, and bionic higher degree in the basic structure similar to natural turf of life, but also wear resistance than the mesh of artificial turf is good, then the corresponding quote will be higher. But the chances of the economy continues to develop, people's living standards are on the rapid progress, the emergence of artificial turf monofilaments is also higher in the sports arena, and the movement function has also been widely recognized.

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