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Altitude Of 3600M! ---formidable Home Filed For CAL Innovated And Constructed By AVG!
Sep 11, 2017

Altitude of 3600M! ---formidable home filed for CAL innovated and constructed by AVG!

According to the news on 30th Aug, Lhasa city investment team have tentatively made the decision that the home field for CAL(Chinese Football Association Amateur League) will be hold in Lhasa people's cultural and sports center with altitude of 3600m which is the highest home field among Chinese football clubs.


The last 16 of game of CAL 2017 started recently. Instead of using the old competition rules, it has changed to the elimination series of two rounds between at home and on the road. The Lhasa city investment team is sure in the Top 16, as it is the football team register in Tibet Autonomous Region, it will hope the home field in Tibet. After official agreed by Chinese football Club, the home field finally choose the Lhasa people's cultural and sports center with altitude 3600m.

Lhasa sport center completed on Nov. 2014, covered an area of 69000 square meter, have been invested 111 Million USD, it can accommodate more than 20052 people. According to the statistics, this sports center is located in 3646.45 meters above sea level so as to be second to none in China.



Because of the high altitude and long and intense sunlight in Lhasa, it acquires much higher standard for the ageing resistance, weather resistance of the football sports facilities. Diamond shape grass is the Original-design and patent products of AVG, with 12 year service life it is the most durable product among China. Comparing to other grass product, it is matte design enhance its reality and durability. It can adapt to the extreme weather temperature between -60℃ and +120℃. The product performance and quality will not change after strong abrasion. It is highly exceed the standard of the Europe.


AVG is pleasure to be chosen as the cooperator of China National Stadium and constructed the Lhasa sport center for the celebration of 50 years old of Lhasa.


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