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AVG The Third Consecutive Sponsor – Guangdong Champions Cup Of FUTSAL, Kick Off On September
Sep 04, 2017

        AVG the third consecutive sponsor – Guangdong Champions Cup of FUTSAL, Kick off on September


Chinese biggest regional soccer tournament is about to start again. The press conference of the 7th Guangdong City FUSTAL Champion Cup have hold in Guangzhou sunshine hotel. It is exclusive sponsor by AVG (stock code:837878). AVG CEO Zhu Jiang Feng , Football team and famous media are presented .



It is not only because of the passion to football but also the sense of social responsibility that make AVG consecutively sponsor the competition for three years.


On the conference ,AVG have sign the exclusive sponsorship agreement with GuangDong FUSTAL association. The football field of this competition also completely sponsor by AVG.


It is the significant time to propose exercise campaign for the general public. As FUSTAL is one of the most popular sport among the public, AVG call on all the people and competitor to join and push this sport positively and effectively.

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