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Feng Xiaoting Charity Football Game Held Yesterday, Devoting Love To The Future Of China Football
Dec 26, 2016

Captain and Xinjiang teenager football players(Photo by 懂球帝)

Yesterday afternoon on Dec 23rd, the first section of “Feng Xiaoting and His Friends” Love Charity Football Game launched and raised by Feng Xiaoting, Captain of China National Men’s Football Team, was grandly held in the AVG five-star football club located in Huangpu District Guangzhou City. The four teenager football players from Xin Jiang,China, were given the opportunity of close contact with their admired idols and further practice their football playing skills, successfully realized their football dreams.

Famous singers supported Mr.Feng(Photo by Guangzhou Daily)

As is known, this charity football game was originated from a video of Xinjiang teenager football players. After touched by the desire of these teenagers, as one of the captains of China National Football Team, Feng Xiaoting made his instant decision to provide help for fulfilling the dreams of these children, let more people know about the teenager football players in Xinjiang and more poverty areas in the whole country and further offer assistance to them.

Feng Xiaoting and His Artist Friends

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