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How To Choose Grass Height And Density Of Artificial Turf?
Jun 15, 2017


The price of artificial grass is mainly decided by its height and density, because these two parameters reflect the amount of materials used, the higher the height is and the greater the density is, the more expensive the price is. We need to consider the use conditions when choosing grass height and density, for example, if the artificial grass you are going to buy is applied to football field, the general choice is monofilament grass with the height of 50mm and the density of 9450 needles per square meter, after filling materials are filled, installers should ensure to keep appropriate grass height and density, in this way football field test standard can be reached; if the artificial grass you are going to buy is applied to shopping malls, hotels, etc., a usual choice is straight and twist mixed leisure lawn with the height of 30mm (5mm increase or decrease a grade) and the density of 16800 needles per square meter, this kind of high density and low grass height, matched with straight and twist weaving techniques, guarantee great comfort on the soles of the feet.

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