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Which Artificial Grass Company Is The Strongest In China? The Football Field Situated At The Highest Altitude In The World Will Prove It Up!
Aug 30, 2016

On September 5th 2015, the grand opening ceremony for celebration on the 50th Anniversary of Tibet Autonomous Region was held in Lhasa City. All Victory Grass(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. offered great assistance with “ three highs” featuring as high efficiency, high quality and high level to complete the main venue for the celebration--perfectly laid artificial lawn across the Sports Field in the Masses Cultural Sports Center of Lhasa City, presenting a remarkable tribute to Lhasa in cooperation with Bird’s Nest(China National Stadium). In this way All Victory Grass(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. has become to be the supplier of artificial turf for the modern sports arena located at the highest altitude throughout the world.

[ Above image is the design rendering of  the Masses Cultural Sports Center of Lhasa City ]

Lhasa is situated in the middle part of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, with altitude of 3650 meters, while year-round duration of sunshine is over 3000 hours, along the way enjoying a reputation as the “Sunlight City”. Due to the high altitude and long-term insolation, it has harsh demands on the properties of anti-UV aging and weather resistance for the football and sports facilities. The diamond monofilament as AVG’s unique patent product is currently the most durable product on the market in China, with designed service life span up to 12 years. The unique design as non-glare from all sides possesses the unparalleled performance of high simulation and superior durability compared to the products of the same category, being able to challenge the extreme climate with temperature ranging from -180°C to +120 °C.  It can still remain the quality and performance after the abrasion resistance test up to 140,000 cycles, which has exceeded the European standard for products of the same category as 5000 cycles. The exceptional athletic performance enables AVG artificial turf tufted with diamond monofilament to emerge and stand out from the rivals and add up to the glory for the celebration on the 50th Anniversary hosted in Lhasa.

[ Above picture is the image for the site installation of artificial grass in the the Masses Cultural Sports Center of Lhasa City ] 

[ Above picture shows the First “ Youran Cup” Football Match held in the Masses Cultural Sports Center of Lhasa City on the New Year’s Day in 2016 ]

Choice is more essential than effort! The choice of AVGrass signifies a choice of high-level artificial turf system! Apart from obtaining more safe and durable products, you can also be shared with the latest international industrial newsletters and meticulous systematic service. Based on our strong R&D power, production technology, sales networks all over the world and over three decades of sophisticated service system, we are dedicated to supplying professional and superior quality of artificial grass and other new flooring material systems for sports, landscaping and decoration. Profession makes quality, quality creates excellence,and excellence brings mutual achievements for both of us! 

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