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1.Why choose AVG? 

1) Longest history in the industry of artificial grass, having sophisticated expertise and experience in manufacturing high quality of artificial turf.

2) Leader of healthy artificial grass in China, has been supplying safe, healthy, non-toxic, eco-friendly and recyclable artificial grass products to customers all over 100 countries. Over 1,000,000 people throughout the world play on AVGrass every day.

3) China’s only artificial grass supplier for the three international top events including 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2011 Shenzhen World Universiade, as well as the exclusive artificial turf supplier for the Bird’s Nest(China National Stadium), delivering a strong brand image with the highest quality standard of artificial grass products.

4) China’s first enterprise of high-class artificial grass listed on new OTC market as the first stock in this industry, stock code: 837878. Overweight other rivals in this industry.

5) All-round artificial grass range from cost effective, practical, hot sale, high end to luxury types, 

cover various budgets for the grass and increase the popularity and marketability of products on the end market.

2.How to choose a good leisure artificial grass?

1) Flat and even yarn cutting edge. 

2) Soft and dense grass surface, soft and comfortable feel.

3) Vibrant color and natural appearance.

4) High UV Stability and anti-UV aging performance.

5) Eco-friendly and child friendly.

6) Excellent straight upstanding ability.

7) Exceptional wear resistance.

8) Superior color fastness, all year round green.

3.How to choose the right sport artificial grass?

1) Excellent athletic performance including LSR and rebounding resilience, minimize injury and friction burn to the players and provide protection to a largest extent.

2) Top level bounding force and snap force for the grass yarn.

3) High tear resistance for the backing fabric.

4)Soft texture.

5)Vivid color.

6)Extraordinary water drainage.

4.What kind of harm that low quality artificial turf will bring us?

1) Low quality and recycled materials will cause side effects to the users’ health.

2) Hard and rough surface will bring abrasion against the the skin of the users and trigger off potential injury.

3) High frequency of renovation or replacement of new turf, high costs of re-installation and hassle maintenance.

4) It will cause environmental pollution.

5.Why Choose an artificial grass lawn?

Artificial grass, done correctly, can provide you with a beautiful lawn without the hassle and expense of trying to maintain a problem-plagued natural lawn. Quality artificial turf has become a proven sports and landscaping alternative to natural lawns. You eliminate watering, mowing, fertilizing, and chemicals. There is no more pet damage, re-seeding, pests, allergies, and muddy paw prints… All for a lower overall cost!

6.Advantage of Artificial Grass

The artificial turf field will be more and more commonly used owing to its enormous advantages. The recommendation and green lights from the authority institutes and sports ministries in the international soccer community have offered favorable benefits for propelling the widespread utility of artificial turf in the tropical zones, alpine areas and the countries and regions where the natural grass is not suitable to be grown due to the economic conditions.

Weather Resistant: Completely impervious from the weather effect, largely enhance the field usage efficiency, can be used in the extreme weather including extreme cold and high temperature etc.

Ever Green: The artificial grass will still bring you the spring like feeling after the natural grass enters dormant period.

Environmental-friendly: All the materials used for the field comply with the environmental-friendly requirement, the surface layer of artificial turf is recyclable.

High Simulation of Natural Appearance:  The artificial grass is produced as per the principles of bionics. There is no much difference from the natural grass when the users play on the artificial turf with regards to its directionless and resilient feature and comfortable texture.

Wear Resistant: Super durable and uneasy for discoloration, especially applicable for the field court of high use frequency in the primary schools and middle schools.

Cost-effectiveness and economy: Convenient for installation, proper to be installed on the asphalt,cement and tough sand fields, almost free of maintenance charge.

The artificial turf products have experienced a stage of rapid development domestically. From 2001 it was only accepted by a few professional clubs till now has been widely utilized for the sports field construction in most of the high schools. As there are increasing requirements from more and more primary schools and middle schools up to date, the artificial turf products have entered a new phase of significant development.

Currently, over tens of millions of players and sports fans have been sharing this technical accomplishment all over the world, which makes more and more people truly experience the tremendous fun from sports.

7.How is Artificial Turf made?

The most common method of manufacturing artificial turf is a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene, silica sand and rubber granules that will give years of grass-like appearance and use, without the regular maintenance of natural grass. The installation process includes a layer of base material, our patented polyethylene and polypropylene blades and rubber granule infill system. This simple installation will provide the safest, most effective surface. It is resistant to temperature extremes, drains quickly (better than real grass) and is extremely low-maintenance

8.What is infilling artificial grass?

In USA, either high-class PA material or polyester fiber are used as the artificial grass fiber material for most artificial turf. While the infill-free artificial turf can be divided into two types as water permeable and water impermeable. This kind of artificial turf looks quite similar to the natural grass lawn, some of which are attached with a layer of shock pad at various density and thickness.

Due to the current situation that there are few domestic manufacturers who have really mastered the technology for installation of artificial turf and most of technology was brought in from abroad, the process of laying the sand infill-free artificial turf especially the shock pads will have to be completed by the overseas experts. Beneath the shock pads is a layer of smooth asphalt base, below which is another base of mixed rubble, sands and pebbles. Among these the structure of drainage system is the most essential part. Besides, exclusive machines for artificial turf need to be used during the process of installation on this type of pitch, especially on some professional or expensive sports fields, in order to meet the demands of flat level and evenness for the filed. For instance, the hockey pitch in the Beijing Lucheng Sports Technological College as the hockey training court for 2008 Olympic Games and some other fields like mobile artificial turf and pieced artificial turf lawn  which need to satisfy the special requirements, all must comply with the aforesaid strict demands for the field installation.

9.What is non-infill artificial grass?

Infilled artificial turf is widely accepted by the common people in China in terms of its international advanced athletic performance and beneficial practicability. PE or PP is usually used as the raw material for this type of turf, the fiber of which is longer than that of the sand infill-free turf, with 2-3mm of silica sand and rubber granule infilled under the pile surface. Its athletic performance is quite close to the natural turf, but with obvious advantage that it can also be utilized all day and all year round. Usually the artificial turf will reach the best condition after the installation and maintenance of 6-8 months. This kind of turf is quite proper to be installed outdoors with warranty of 5-8 years. In the long-term dry weather, only a little spray of water across the turf will largely reduce the possibility of injury and friction burn to the players.

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